Our souls are in search of incentives and objectives to achieve in the top.

Great Features To Us

BIG MEDIA EXPERT enjoy creating meaningful Mobile Applications and Multi-Platform Websites

Web Design

The internet grows and proceed day by day, so do we. The new functions allows to reach the client with just one click. Latest technologies and developed platforms are our everyday prove, offering the clients new possibility to develop their business .
Website , other platforms of electronic trade ,blog-s are just the points of departure to create an image coordinated with that offline. Our objective is to create an communication universe that includes all new media means to have the best results.

User Interface

The study of an interface has to do not only with the presentation and with sensation . it has to do with the structure of the website ,the setting content and function are fruit of the study of the visitors attitude ,their traditions in navigating and the emotive side are the basis of the development interface.


Every system , relevant or with informative purpose , to be needed has to be useful. Choice and placement of the tools of navigation, together with the content , are the necessary elements to make easy and successful every informative structure, from the website to the mobile applications, to the most complicated intranet of a company. Big Media Expert believe in experiments to perform interface and easy structures in use, that hold information that is easy from every platform and device.

Brand Naming

Being identifiable is the primare way to be distinguished and remembered. identity is our business card : the more wealthy with personality the more effective is at our clients. We believe in these postulates and study personalized solution based on study of the target group, market and objectives that we should reach. From identity, in the first sense of the word and figurative sense, we study every element to give our clients unik characteristics ,taking care about values and brand ideals , to protect universally in every medium and platform.